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April 19, 2020

Microblading From Home: Running Your Business From Your House

If you have been considering quitting your current job and wanted to start your own microblading business, then you’re on the right track. You will also be delighted to know how much microbladers make, especially if they do it right working from home. It would be perfect for those who want to add extra income to their existing business or make it a great source of high earnings every month.    Microblading Business From Home One of the greatest benefits of running microblading business from home is that it allows you to be your own boss. This makes you a lot more flexible around your other commitments and responsibilities. You can also work as little or as much as you want, or as your schedule would permit. Plus, you all have the complete control of your working hours to best suit your lifestyle. It is even much greater if you have kids and want to support your family.  Not to mention that starting your own microblading business from home does not take a lot of investment compared to opening a salon or spa. You can simply dedicate a certain space in your home, say an unutilized basement or bedroom, to perform the treatment on your client. Or you may have an extension to your house if you don’t have a spare room inside.   In addition, building any business from home has never been easier with the online world and plenty of social media platforms you can use. Microblading is even the most ideal business to do from home because you can simply show your work either in Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook and by showing potential clients of what you are capable of in your craft you really don’t have to do a lot of convincing to come and see you.  In […]
April 19, 2020

Microblading Advertising: Advert Ideas To Book More Clients

Most likely than not, you are aware of how fast microblading has grown by now, more so if you are in the beauty industry. More and more people are realizing the amazing benefits that this semi-permanent brow makeup provides. It is not, therefore, surprising that the number of people who offer this treatment in their service menu has also increased. This makes the competition among artist tighter every single day, making it more difficult to attract potential clients.  The last, and the most important, step to a successful microblading business is building your clientele. You will be further driven to keep going as you see more clients come and go, and as you help many get the eyebrows they have always wanted. But how exactly can you achieve that? Here are some helpful microblading advertising ideas on how to get more clients and achieve your goals. Use The Most Powerful Advert Tool: The Internet Now that almost everything works and runs online, it’s undeniable that the most powerful tool you can use to advertise your microblading business is the internet. In such a case, what you need to have in place is a well-designed website that is built and developed by a professional. This is very essential because your website has to look professional if you want to create that first impression to your potential clients online. Keep in mind that you are a beautician whose work is all about esthetics, so this has to be reflected in your website as well.  Your prospects would think that you are a committed artist who is a professional in doing microblading. This will make them feel confident in you and find you credible in performing the treatment and earning their trust means getting more chances to be chosen over your competitors.  Take […]
July 2, 2019

Online Microblading Training: Can It Really Get You Ready?

In the modern, digital world, women and even some men wanted to look their very best all the time. The big part of this beauty craze is having perfectly flawless eyebrows that are made possible by microblading, one of the most demanded cosmetic treatments today. The best microblading artists are earning an average of $4000 a week, working in 20 hours. So, if you are deciding to become a microblading artist, you have made an excellent decision, both financially and professionally. And as microblading continues to become even more popular, a lot of people are trying to cash in on this awesome beauty procedure. However, if you want to learn microblading in the best way possible, it’s critical that you learn it from an established and reputable academy that teaches proven and tested methods that deliver amazing results. Two Kinds Of Microblading Training There are actually two types of microblading training course to consider: live microblading training and online microblading training. The live training usually lasts for about 2 – 7 days long and is more expensive than online courses. It involves live instructors teaching aspiring microblading artists on different skills and theoretical knowledge on skin simulators. Most even work with live models which is vital for all new microblading artist. The online microblading training course, on the other hand, allows you to acquire the same amount of knowledge without having to commute but learn from the comfort of your home. So, if going for live training is quite hard in your case, opting for an online microblading training course might be your best choice. It will not only save you a lot of time of going into somewhere to attend the training, it can also give you the knowledge and skills as efficient as you’re going live. Not to […]
June 30, 2019

Microblading Aftercare

You have just got those gorgeous and perfectly curved eyebrows that you confidently sport as you head back home. Congratulations on your new microbladed brows! Now what you need to do is just relax and the best way to deal with it is to not do much, especially during the first ten days. Your full commitment to this brow journey is very crucial and how you take good care of your newly microbladed brows is everything. No matter how great the microblading artist is at making your eyebrows look beautiful, without doing the right microblading aftercare, it will be useless. As you might already be aware of, your microbladed brows will go through the entire healing process which happens in several stages. It’s important that you know them so that you will have an idea of what to expect along with what you have to do in taking care of your brows. What Happens After Your Treatment Right after the procedure, your microbladed brow will look bolder and darker and will even appear more filled in. It can be like that for a week when the initial healing process is taking place and there might be a minimal redness or little discomfort. You can also expect some scabbing and peeling of your skin, which is just normal. Let it come off on its own because a premature scabbing will ruin the pigment that may come out with the scab. So, never pick at the scab and just wait for it to flake off naturally. As the healing process takes place, your skin is undergoing a natural regeneration and exfoliation and you might be thinking that too much color of your microbladed brows has been lost already. It’s not true because it is just normal that the color of your microbladed […]
June 30, 2019

How To Become A Microblader

Even if you are not yet an official microblader, congratulations for considering to be one. Deciding to be a microblading specialist means entering the world of a stimulating and rewarding profession of permanent cosmetics. Microblading was first introduced in Asia but has now gained popularity worldwide. It becomes a new standard of treating eyebrows and make this feature looks at its best. It’s a technique of implanting pigments into the brows with results that can appear so naturally perfect. No wonder, therefore, that a lot of people, including the celebrities themselves, are going crazy over this beauty treatment. How To Become A Microblading Artist Choosing a highly specialized career as microblader comes with many benefits. The obvious one is the fact that there is less competition as there are only a few who are good at microblading. In effect, microbladers can charge more for their services, thus higher income, too. But you have to keep in mind that a number of factors play a significant role in how much you can charge, such as location, experience, and credentials. Another great reason why you may be so eager to be an expert in this field of permanent cosmetics is the flexibility of becoming your own boss when you’re ready to have your own salon. In fact, the majority of permanent makeup artists are self-employed while others are independent contractors. Starting and setting up your own practice may take some time to master the same as with other specialized professions. Plus, there are those resources needed but as long as you give all your best and stay committed, great success is very possible. A Step-by-Step Guide To Become The Best Microblader That You Can Be So, if you have made up your mind to push through with this career path, you might […]
June 30, 2019

Startup A Microblading Business: What You Need To Know

One of the hottest cosmetic treatments right now is microblading. It continues to grow and become a very popular trend in the beauty industry as it provides the look of perfectly-shaped and natural-looking eyebrows. There’s no wonder why more and more are becoming crazy over it which has prompted many to be interested in owning their own microblading studio. Not only has eyebrow microblading gained great popularity worldwide but it has become a very profitable business, too. The industry even shows signs of high potential for growth. These are perhaps the reasons why you are considering to join the growing pool of permanent cosmetic makeup artists and want to build your career on it. By all means, go ahead and this profession can really be rewarding and a worthy investment if you go all in. However, just like other newbies in this field, you might be asking the same question, “What do I need to start my microblading business?” What You Need To Start A Microblading Business First and foremost, you need to have the right skills to do the craft of microblading since it’s also a form of art combined with the science of cosmetology. Or even just an enthusiast to do microblading as you can learn it along the way. And same with other types of businesses out there, you need to be equipped with some necessary things to start a microblading business the right way. #1. Good Amount of Training And Practice You might already have some talent in microblading but it’s not enough to make you a qualified practitioner. You need to master your craft by finding the right training courses and trainers. It’s necessary to invest and learn the various microblading techniques as well as useful tips from the experts. Just make sure that you […]
March 30, 2019
Microblading Income

Microblading Income: How Much Do Microbladers Make A Year

One of the most untapped markets in the beauty industry is microblading. While there are many beauty professionals out there providing a variety of cosmetic treatments, microbladers are enjoying a much greater spot when it comes to earning a higher income in doing their craft. Unlike aestheticians or cosmetologist who have to undergo longer training hours, school, and state boards, microblading artists don’t need as much time to master the art and science of this brow enhancement procedure but they can potentially earn more. So, you might be interested to know how much do microblading technicians make in a year. Actually, it really depends on how many clients an artist can get, how many hours they work, and how good they are. But to give an idea, here are some figures we can share through rough estimations of how much income can a microblading specialist earn in a year. Microblading Specialist Salary Per Year Microblading is a very lucrative enterprising endeavor that is best-kept as a secret and left in the hands of the select experts. Clients of this cosmetic treatment are very much willing to pay a premium price for a service that is rendered safely and excellently. Typically, they would pay anywhere between $250 and $800. The actual amount depends on several things such as location and how skillful the microblader is in making the brows. That amount of money is pretty much considerable enough but since it can vary so greatly, let’s take a closer look at how much microbladers right now make in an hour. Taking into account the average amount a client is willing to pay for one microblading session ($250 to $800) and the amount of time it takes (about 2 hours), it means the artist can earn $125 to $400 per hour. Simply […]
March 29, 2019
Microblading Email Marketing

Email Marketing, The Cheapest Way To Get More Microblading Clients

March 29, 2019
Are Google Ads Worth Running For Your Microblading Business

Are Google Ads Worth Running For Your Microblading Business?

If you are looking for ways to market your microblading business online that can give you top-notch results, most likely you have stumbled upon Google Ads (Google AdWords). Since it was first introduced back in 2000 with its previous name as ‘Self-Service Advertising Program,’ it has changed how online marketing works. However, you may also have heard some horror stories that investing in this marketing tool is also like gambling. You can lose money and fail in your advertising campaigns. So, you might be asking, “Is Google Ads worth running for your microblading business?” The answer is a resounding yes even if you’re a little bit hesitant to gamble. Before we go into details why it’s worth your investment, let’s make it clear what Google Ads is all about. What Is Google Ads And How It Works Google Ads is simply a pay-per-click (PPC) service that let you create and run advertisements for your microblading business. Such ads will then be displayed in Google’s search results, Gmail, YouTube, and other partner websites of Google. To give you a specific example, if someone is searching for keywords “microblading near me,” Google will return a list of the top ads for that particular search. You would be lucky if that customer will click on your ad and directs her to your landing page where you hope that she’ll buy your service. If she decided not to choose your service and look for another, you still pay for her click, hence, it’s called the pay-per-click program. Another important aspect of Google Ads is what they called CPC or cost per click which is the average amount you have to pay for the clicks generated by your ad. It can change depending on the different terms and industries where the ads will be shown. […]
March 29, 2019
Scalp Micropigmentation Marketing - 6 Keys to Success

Scalp Micropigmentation Marketing – 6 Keys to Success in 2019

Micropigmentation is an extremely niche industry. As a result, marketing campaigns for scalp micropigmentation companies need to be highly targeted in order to be effective. By combining the right techniques and strategies, you can take your online marketing to the next level. So what are some of the main things that you can incorporate into your scalp micropigmentation marketing campaigns to get the best results? In this article, we will address 6 highly effective strategies, that when combined yield great results:   SEO Content Marketing Web Design PPC Video Social Media   Let’s get started. 1. SEO (Local SEO/Maps/Organic) SEO stands for search engine optimization. Basically, the main objective of SEO is to get your website noticed by people on Google for Relevant searches. There are literally hundreds of different techniques that people used to effectively improve their SEO. But in this article, we want to address 3 very specific strategies that can help your business:   Local search Organic search Semantic SEO     For now, let’s focus on local search, and in the next section, we will go more in-depth into Organic Search and Semantic SEO. Local Search When it comes to micropigmentation, a vast majority of your clients will likely be coming from surrounding areas. This makes local search optimization extremely important. By taking a focus on constantly improving your local visibility and search engines, you can greatly improve your online marketing ROI. In order to do this, you should focus on first optimizing your Google My Business Account. This is a free account that allows business owners to claim ownership of their site and update important information that can help improve local SEO, such as:   Address Hours Offers News Services/Products Location Based Offerings     Essentially, this helps you to get found when someone makes […]
March 1, 2019

How To Build Clientele For Microblading: 11 Ways To Get More Clients

How To Advertise For Microblading Now that you have completed your microblading course with an excellent trainer with reputable industry expertise, what’s next? Well, congratulations on your success. You are well on your way to developing one of the most rewarding and exciting professions in the beauty industry. While completing the necessary training and undergoing many practice session, your hard work doesn’t end there. Getting into a real microblading business can be even more difficult. You need several things to start it right? Certifications or licenses that meet the industry standards for microblading, apprenticeships, if required, some space at home or a perfect location somewhere in a salon or maybe your own studio with the right equipment and supplies. Once you have those things in place, you’re one step closer to your dream of being the best microblading entrepreneur and grow your business. The last and most important step is building your microblading clientele. You will be further driven to keep going as you see more clients come and go, and as you help many get the eyebrows they have always desired. But how can you achieve that? You might be asking yourself how do I build my microblading clientele when you have so many competitors? On top of that, you already have a home life, your new or existing business, plus everything else that comes with running your own business. You’re not alone because many newly certified microbladers and even existing one also faced with this challenge. Plus there is more and more microblading artist coming up who are also trying to achieve what you want to achieve too. There is no need to worry because we have identified in details below the eleven proven ways to get more clients for your microblading business. And if for any reason you […]
February 17, 2019
Why Does Your Microblading Business Need A Website

Why Does Your Microblading Business Need A Website?

One of the hottest treatments in the beauty right now is microblading. This cosmetic industry is continuing to grow as more people are opting for its long-lasting results. In the same way, many are also opening their own microblading business, making it feel like you are fighting for every customer there is to land.< So, apart from maintaining your own microblading business and working to break even, you have to stand out from the competition. What you need, therefore, are two critical things to be successful in this kind of enterprise. First, you have to be really good at the art of microblading and give your prospective customers the best brows they’re dreaming of. Second, you need an effective marketing strategy. Since the first ingredient is already present, what you need to work on is how to market your microblading business in the most effective way. With that, we mean reaching your potential clients in the most expansive way and that’s going online with a website for your microblading business. You might already have tried to market with all sorts of printed ads but is still not getting the customer base you’ve been targeting. So, why would need another marketing strategy in the form of a website? Won’t it be another waste of resources? Definitely not. Here are the reasons why does your microblading business needs a website. The Best Way to Let People Know About Your Business Now that everything is just one click away, thanks to Google and other popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube, you have to take advantage of the convenience of technology and the internet. Virtually all businesses, not just microblading, are going online because it is the easiest and most convenient way for people to find the products or services they need. This […]
January 26, 2019

Microblading Bing Ads: The Online Marketing Method Everyone Is Overlooking

When it comes to online marketing, the name of the game is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. All sorts of businesses find this marketing tool highly beneficial in attracting customers and increasing return on investment. Talking about PPC advertisements, the platform that might first come to your mind is Google ads. Ads but there’s actually one more powerful name that everyone is starting to consider – Bing Ads. This online marketing program is owned by Microsoft and covers three search engines: Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. It means when you advertise on any one of these platforms, your ad will be seen by searchers in all three sites and their other partner sites. While it’s true that there are some stark differences between Bing Ads and Google Ads, the idea behind their existence is pretty much the same. They are both designed to provide great online marketing assistance to businesses and help them reach the target market, drive more traffic to their websites, and eventually increase sales. However, more and more advertisers are beginning to realize that even if Google has the biggest share of the search market, Bing Ads is definitely a different platform that’s equally worthy to invest. Here are the three key aspects where Bing Ads should be fairly considered by online advertisers. #1. Reaching a Wider Audience With Specific Customer Demographic First, let’s consider the aspect of reach. Again, it’s no doubt that Google is the dominant player in the search engine market with higher search volume and more reach. But this doesn’t mean it’s the only online marketing platform worth considering for, especially with Bing Network growing substantially. The numbers alone can tell the success story of Bing which is now enjoying a huge 34% of the desktop search engine market share globally. Bing Network also has 136 […]
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