Are Google Ads Worth Running For Your Microblading Business?

Are Google Ads Worth Running For Your Microblading Business?

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Are Google Ads Worth Running For Your Microblading Business

If you are looking for ways to market your microblading business online that can give you top-notch results, most likely you have stumbled upon Google Ads (Google AdWords). Since it was first introduced back in 2000 with its previous name as ‘Self-Service Advertising Program,’ it has changed how online marketing works.

However, you may also have heard some horror stories that investing in this marketing tool is also like gambling. You can lose money and fail in your advertising campaigns. So, you might be asking, “Is Google Ads worth running for your microblading business?” The answer is a resounding yes even if you’re a little bit hesitant to gamble. Before we go into details why it’s worth your investment, let’s make it clear what Google Ads is all about.

What Is Google Ads And How It Works

Google Ads is simply a pay-per-click (PPC) service that let you create and run advertisements for your microblading business. Such ads will then be displayed in Google’s search results, Gmail, YouTube, and other partner websites of Google.

To give you a specific example, if someone is searching for keywords “microblading near me,” Google will return a list of the top ads for that particular search. You would be lucky if that customer will click on your ad and directs her to your landing page where you hope that she’ll buy your service. If she decided not to choose your service and look for another, you still pay for her click, hence, it’s called the pay-per-click program.

Another important aspect of Google Ads is what they called CPC or cost per click which is the average amount you have to pay for the clicks generated by your ad. It can change depending on the different terms and industries where the ads will be shown.

This is due to the fact that the price of keywords on the search network of Google is based on bidding. What it means for your microblading business is that you can set limits to the bids and only pay the amount you can afford to make sure that you’re not losing but making some profits in using the PPC service.

But you have to be aware that if you place a higher bid for a certain keyword search, you will have a bigger chance to rank higher in the search results. In the same way, if you have a better quality score, meaning you have more relevance for such a search, your ad will also rank higher. These factors and more are determined by Ad Rank to know if what is the ranking place you

So, essentially, all these things boil down to one major point. You can do almost anything with Google AdWords, including brand awareness, generating more leads, driving new sales, and so much more.

Now, getting back to why it’s specifically worth running for your microblading business, here are the top reasons that you should consider seriously.

Amazing Reasons Why Google Ads Is Worth Your Investment

There are staggering statistics showing why Google Ads made it to the top spot as the most used search engine there is in the age of the internet. In fact, Google Ads are seen by 90% of internet users worldwide and more than a million businesses do use it to advertise their products and services. This earns the trust of millions of internet users around the planet. In addition to these factual figures, the following points will make it clearer for you to decide.

The fastest way to generate high-quality leads

While SEO is still a very important part of your online marketing success, it’s a major drawback is that the results you want may take some months to achieve because it has to “prove itself first.” Add to that the level of competition you have in the field of microblading. This is where Google Ads can perfectly fill in the gap. You don’t have to wait for months to get results because once your ad campaign goes live and appears on search results, you can get results in an instant, maybe even just in few minutes.

With this great speed, it can let you determine how effective your keywords are with your Google Ads data which you can even use to come up with an effective SEO campaign. What more is that Google Ads also allows you to come up with keywords that target a very specific audience.

For instance, you can have “microblading + the name of your city” as your keyword to specifically let your ads be seen by only those who are searching for your service. You even have the ability to set what time of day you want your ad to be seen and ensure that it’s location specific, giving you high-quality leads that are very likely to turn into a sure purchase.

Provides measurable ranking and return on investment

Another beauty of Google Ads is that it comes with plenty of PPC metrics that do the task of measuring what’s working and what is not with your ads. It can deliver a precise measurement of what makes your rankings increased or decreased. It gives you a measurable return on investment or ROI because unlike print and TV advertisements, you can actually see how well your Ads campaign is working.

There are proven PPC campaigns and metrics that have been working effectively with microblading clients. These Google Ads data are also scalable and can be used to improve your SEO marketing, enabling you to get the most out of these two effective online tools.

Gives you total control over your marketing costs

This also makes Google Ads really awesome. Remember about how it works from the above discussion? You can make your own bid for the price of your ads, meaning you can set a maximum amount for your campaign every day. This ability to control your advertising cost would be a big help for your microblading business. Simply because it permits you to stay within your budget and not going beyond what you can afford to make a good profit. You can decide to decrease or increase the amount of your budget for your campaign. Such scalability can give you plenty of leads in a shorter amount of time you want to see results. It also helps in better ad management if you’re running multiple campaigns on a daily basis. Of course, you just have to learn some little mathematics to know how to set your Google Ads budget and fully maximize its return.

Allows you to stay ahead of the competition

With the speed and instant results of Google Ads, you will have a greater advantage over your competitors. Showing in various search engines of Google, your business website will receive more clicks from potential clients searching for your service than the other providers in the microblading industry. You might still ask what happens if a lot of your competitors are also taking advantage of this same marketing tool?

No need to be worried about this because statistics actually indicate that Google Ads ad placements cover as high as 85% of the search results page. This simply means that the advertisement service program is being used by a lot of advertisers who want to promote their businesses and earn more sales. It’s just logical to do so. This should not discourage you to do the same, but instead, be inspired by a business quote, “If you can’t beat your competitor upfront, join them,” and stay focus on your own game.

Better engagement and a wider audience reach

Despite the great success of Google Ads, it’s still continuing to improve its services to advertisers. Given all the Ads data, Google concluded that product listing ads as well as in video ads on YouTube generate higher clicks from users around the world. This is not very surprising given the fact that YouTube enjoys several billion views in just a day and more than one billion unique visitors in a month.

Not to mention that the video channel is twice as big as the combined size of Bing and Yahoo+ together. So, having those engaging ads appeared in YouTube is sure to return bigger revenues both for Google and business advertisers. Who would not want to have their ads shown on the same channel?

Now, is Google Ads really worth running for your microblading business? Given those facts and reasons above, we can say that it is indeed worth every penny you will spend on each of the

clicks from your potential clients. After all, everything seems to be possible in just one click away nowadays, thanks to the creation of the world wide web.

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