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March 30, 2019
Microblading Income

Microblading Income: How Much Do Microbladers Make A Year

One of the most untapped markets in the beauty industry is microblading. While there are many beauty professionals out there providing a variety of cosmetic treatments, microbladers are enjoying a much greater spot when it comes to earning a higher income in doing their craft. Unlike aestheticians or cosmetologist who have to undergo longer training hours, school, and state boards, microblading artists don’t need as much time to master the art and science of this brow enhancement procedure but they can potentially earn more. So, you might be interested to know how much do microblading technicians make in a year. Actually, it really depends on how many clients an artist can get, how many hours they work, and how good they are. But to give an idea, here are some figures we can share through rough estimations of how much income can a microblading specialist earn in a year. Microblading Specialist Salary Per Year Microblading is a very lucrative enterprising endeavor that is best-kept as a secret and left in the hands of the select experts. Clients of this cosmetic treatment are very much willing to pay a premium price for a service that is rendered safely and excellently. Typically, they would pay anywhere between $250 and $800. The actual amount depends on several things such as location and how skillful the microblader is in making the brows. That amount of money is pretty much considerable enough but since it can vary so greatly, let’s take a closer look at how much microbladers right now make in an hour. Taking into account the average amount a client is willing to pay for one microblading session ($250 to $800) and the amount of time it takes (about 2 hours), it means the artist can earn $125 to $400 per hour. Simply […]
June 30, 2019

How To Become A Microblader

Even if you are not yet an official microblader, congratulations for considering to be one. Deciding to be a microblading specialist means entering the world of a stimulating and rewarding profession of permanent cosmetics. Microblading was first introduced in Asia but has now gained popularity worldwide. It becomes a new standard of treating eyebrows and make this feature looks at its best. It’s a technique of implanting pigments into the brows with results that can appear so naturally perfect. No wonder, therefore, that a lot of people, including the celebrities themselves, are going crazy over this beauty treatment. How To Become A Microblading Artist Choosing a highly specialized career as microblader comes with many benefits. The obvious one is the fact that there is less competition as there are only a few who are good at microblading. In effect, microbladers can charge more for their services, thus higher income, too. But you have to keep in mind that a number of factors play a significant role in how much you can charge, such as location, experience, and credentials. Another great reason why you may be so eager to be an expert in this field of permanent cosmetics is the flexibility of becoming your own boss when you’re ready to have your own salon. In fact, the majority of permanent makeup artists are self-employed while others are independent contractors. Starting and setting up your own practice may take some time to master the same as with other specialized professions. Plus, there are those resources needed but as long as you give all your best and stay committed, great success is very possible. A Step-by-Step Guide To Become The Best Microblader That You Can Be So, if you have made up your mind to push through with this career path, you might […]
April 19, 2020

Microblading Advertising: Advert Ideas To Book More Clients

Most likely than not, you are aware of how fast microblading has grown by now, more so if you are in the beauty industry. More and more people are realizing the amazing benefits that this semi-permanent brow makeup provides. It is not, therefore, surprising that the number of people who offer this treatment in their service menu has also increased. This makes the competition among artist tighter every single day, making it more difficult to attract potential clients.  The last, and the most important, step to a successful microblading business is building your clientele. You will be further driven to keep going as you see more clients come and go, and as you help many get the eyebrows they have always wanted. But how exactly can you achieve that? Here are some helpful microblading advertising ideas on how to get more clients and achieve your goals. Use The Most Powerful Advert Tool: The Internet Now that almost everything works and runs online, it’s undeniable that the most powerful tool you can use to advertise your microblading business is the internet. In such a case, what you need to have in place is a well-designed website that is built and developed by a professional. This is very essential because your website has to look professional if you want to create that first impression to your potential clients online. Keep in mind that you are a beautician whose work is all about esthetics, so this has to be reflected in your website as well.  Your prospects would think that you are a committed artist who is a professional in doing microblading. This will make them feel confident in you and find you credible in performing the treatment and earning their trust means getting more chances to be chosen over your competitors.  Take […]
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