Email Marketing, The Cheapest Way To Get More Microblading Clients

Email Marketing, The Cheapest Way To Get More Microblading Clients

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Every business owner needs to keep existing clients coming back and attract new customers to stay alive and earn more. Running a microblading business is no exception and you don’t want to invest any of your resources into something that can’t give you the best results you want. Similarly, deciding how to spend your marketing dollars effectively is a decision that you must take considerably.

One of the most cost-effective solutions that enables you to reach customers in their most visited place every day, that is their inbox, is email marketing. While this marketing campaign is deemed to be old school, there are statistics backing up its effectivity in attracting more clients.

Some Figures Supporting The Affectivity of Email Marketing Campaign

About 91% of adults in the U.S. prefer to get promotional emails from businesses they’re connected with. In addition, an email marketing campaign is seen to be 40x more effective in getting new clients than the combined marketing campaign through Facebook and Twitter.

More importantly, among the different marketing campaigns available out there, email marketing is also the cheapest option. However, to make it clear, don’t think that creating and managing an email marketing campaign is an expense or cost that you have to spend some money on. Rather, it’s a form of investment that gives you a return.

In fact, email marketing outperforms other campaign solutions when it comes to ROI (return on investment), giving you an average return of about $44.00 for a dollar you invest in it.

The actual price you have to pay for getting an email marketing campaign depends on many factors. To have a successful campaign and achieve great results you want, good planning. This includes several processes, starting from development to implementation through to testing the effectiveness of the email marketing strategy set in place.

Apart from being the cheapest way to acquire more microblading clients, there are plenty of amazing reasons why it serves as the lifeblood for many types of businesses. Get to know them and decide if it’s something you want to place your marketing investment on.

You Can Get Started Very Quickly

Compared to other marketing programs, running an email marketing campaign does not involve complicated tools and procedure to accomplish. You don’t have to crack your brains how to do this campaign since it’s pretty simple and easy. You can get started very quickly with email marketing software, no matter what is your level of marketing expertise is or what experience you have had with this kind of campaign.

Even if you are not a professional marketer and only perform best at doing the art of microblading, email marketing is something that you can learn easily without going through a lot of training. What you just need is to give it a try and everything will follow. Not to mention the fact that there are a lot of experts in this field who can help you every step of the way.

Email Beats Social Media With Much Higher Engagement Rate

Despite the reality that almost every adult has a social media account, the average engagement rate for the most popular sites is very low. Facebook has only 6% engagement rate, meaning that’s the only amount of your followers who will see your posts.

Instagram performs better than Facebook because it has an engagement rate of about 10%, which is still quite low. This is because as more and more people are creating an account in any of the social media channels, less and less number of people will be able to see your posts.

Even if you combined the engagement rates for both social media, email still has a greater rate which is at 22%! It means you will have that bigger chance that people will open your email. Plus, they are not just scrolling down mindlessly on random posts appearing on their walls as is the case with social media.

Instead, they have read the subject line of your email and has the intention to open it up and read the content. Another good news is that open rate can get higher every time around as you send to more potential microblading clients out there waiting for your tap.

To top it all, you have total control over your email marketing campaign, whatever you want to do with it, it’s your call. Social media, on the other hand, are controlled by the owners, of course. You don’t own your followers and either of them can change their algorithm any time they want and you may lose all your marketing effort.

Let You Market With A Personal Touch

What makes many beauty salons ignoring email marketing as an effective tool is because they consider it to be as a sales tool, nothing more, which is so wrong. On the contrary, email marketing is a great way to let you market your microblading services both to your existing clients and new prospects with a personal touch.

One important thing you should know when it comes to effective marketing is that people hate being sold to and being told that they can do this to earn some discounts. This is where email marketing becomes a perfect marketing tool that allows you to market without being so direct and blatant about it.

You can customize your messages for the various group of audiences you want to reach out and communicate with email marketing. You can organize the list of your recipients and target a similar audience according to their area of interest, location, purchasing behavior, and another classification factor. This is not equally possible with other online marketing channels available.

In the same way, you can separately target your existing clients with different email contents. You can just do any organizing you want for your contact lists and group them efficiently, making sure that they receive the right messages on their email inboxes.

It’s An Ultimate Professional Branding Tool

This is in connection with the right approach in treating email marketing as more than just a sales tool. Don’t just send messages to email addresses hoping that your recipients will get interested about microblading right away. Treat every email address you’ve got in your lists like gold and your subscribers like friends.

In addition, treat email marketing as a branding tool where you can gradually build up your own microblading brand. You can use email templates easily and designed them in a way that will help make you look professional every time your email reaches the inbox of your recipient. You can integrate your logo and brand name in each of your email templates and customize every content you’re sending.

It would also be a perfect avenue where you can tell your audience not just about your microblading services, but more importantly about yourself, and educate them by sharing some tips and ideas to get them inspired about giving microblading a try and choose your service.

Doing this consistently, as frequently as on a daily or weekly basis, you will get higher email responses and will eventually have a thriving community of subscribers who are waiting for your next newsletter.

Of course, enjoying all those great benefits of using email marketing campaign won’t be possible if you won’t put some effort into it. There are three major areas where you can focus your effort on and make out the most of email marketing to get more microblading clients.

1. Getting tons of email addresses:

Of course, before you can use an email marketing campaign, you need to get the addresses first. You can get them from two primary places: from the visitors to your website and from your walk-in clients. You can also collect email addresses from other sources, such as social media, special events, and contests.

Regardless of where you get those addresses from, don’t forget to give them strong motivation or inspiration to subscribe. Be it in the form of a special promo like a free download of something useful for them or a free sign-up in your insider’s club, if any. Just don’t miss out to get their birthdays to personalize your email and encourage engagement.

2. Writing engaging messages or content:

Now, you might be wondering what to write to engage your recipients, make them into high- quality leads, and eventually, your clients. While you can write just anything you want your audience know, it’s best to write something that your leads want to read about and tells them what you are passionate about. This good combination of what they want to know and what you want to tell them is a great strategy.

You can go for sending a series of automated weekly emails after they sign up where you can introduce yourself and share to them some of your great contents. You may also send them a monthly newsletter where you can give them access to your educational blog contents that they would love to read.

3. Turning email subscribers into clients:

Finally, you can turn those subscribers into clients by avoiding to sound like too promotional or “salesy.” Instead, be motivational, provide valuable advice and inspiration, and be patient until they’ll be ready to try microblading. When they do, they’ll turn to you for sure.

So, there you go! Keeping these things in mind will help you maximize email marketing to its full potential and get plenty of microblading clients, even more than you expect.

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