How To Build Clientele For Microblading: 11 Ways To Get More Customers

How To Build Clientele For Microblading: 11 Ways To Get More Clients

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February 17, 2019
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How To Build Clientele For Microblading

How To Advertise For Microblading

Now that you have completed your microblading course with an excellent trainer with reputable industry expertise, what’s next? Well, congratulations on your success. You are well on your way to developing one of the most rewarding and exciting professions in the beauty industry.

While completing the necessary training and undergoing many practice session, your hard work doesn’t end there. Getting into a real microblading business can be even more difficult. You need several things to start it right? Certifications or licenses that meet the industry standards for microblading, apprenticeships, if required, some space at home or a perfect location somewhere in a salon or maybe your own studio with the right equipment and supplies.

Once you have those things in place, you’re one step closer to your dream of being the best microblading entrepreneur and grow your business. The last and most important step is building your microblading clientele. You will be further driven to keep going as you see more clients come and go, and as you help many get the eyebrows they have always desired.

But how can you achieve that? You might be asking yourself how do I build my microblading clientele when you have so many competitors? On top of that, you already have a home life, your new or existing business, plus everything else that comes with running your own business. You’re not alone because many newly certified microbladers and even existing one also faced with this challenge. Plus there is more and more microblading artist coming up who are also trying to achieve what you want to achieve too. There is no need to worry because we have identified in details below the eleven proven ways to get more clients for your microblading business. And if for any reason you don’t have the time or prefer to get a team of professional to do it for you, simply contact us to get it done right.

How To Get More Microblading Clients

Each of these marketing ways has its own benefits in terms of giving you more microblading clients. So, carefully consider every one of them and go for the ones that you think you can fully maximize and benefit from. Better yet, you can try all of these ways if your resources would allow it. Or maybe you are looking for a done for you proven solutions from our company!

1. Website

Having a website for your microblading business is one of the most expansive ways to reach more people online. It’s the best way to let people know about your microblading service. In fact, almost all types of business nowadays are going online and developing websites since it’s the most convenient means for people to look for the products and services they need. In addition to reaching more audience without directly marketing to them, having a well- designed microblading website is creating that first impression that you’re a professional in doing the craft of microblading. Your prospects would not think that you’re just someone looking for a side gig but is an artist who’s dedicated and committed to performing the service. As a result, therefore, they will feel confident that you’re doing business professionally and will find you credible to do the microblading service. Earning their trust means higher chances that they’re going to choose you than other microbladers online.

Moreover, a website is the easiest and fastest online mechanism to educate your target clients. You can include any piece of information that your customer wanted to know as well as the things you want them to know. You can create different pages, such as blog page where you can post helpful articles for them to know more about microblading, or an FAQ page where you can address their common questions. Either way, it is a big help in terms of answering the questions and concerns of your audience, which would likely turn them into satisfied clients.

Best of all, owning a website for your microblading business means being online 24/7 which is a perfect way to market your services. Remember, your potential customers have quick access to the internet and can search for microblading service whenever and wherever they feel the need for it. So, marketing your microblading business is only possible through a website. Any visitor can stumble upon your site any time of the day, even if you are sound asleep. You don’t have to do the marketing yourself or your staff but your website can do all the talking to attract more customers. Look at your website like your #1 employee.

Of course, what it takes to achieve all those amazing benefits of having a website is for you to ensure that every important information about your microblading business is specified on your site. These are the details about the services you offer and the cost involved, before-and-after images of your work, and other relevant pieces of information about your company. Most importantly, don’t forget to include your website contact forms in prominent places on your site where you’ll get more inquiries from your visitors and turn them into happy customers. These places are usually on your about page, contact page, above or below the fold of your homepage, after your blog posts, the footer section, and in the sidebar of your site, either on the left or right side.

Social Media

The lifeblood of many permanent makeup artists is social media and that is for good reason. Almost everyone has a social media account and even with multiple accounts. So, it’s just
logical to take advantage of this fact and promote your microblading business in the right social media channels. Extend your own branding to the platforms which you feel and think will work best for your enterprise. Carefully choose which among the number of social media you should
invest your time and effort.

Leveraging either of these social media accounts can increase your visibility online, show off your work, and will make you stay on top of the microblading trends.

2. Instagram

Instagram is hailed as the king or perhaps the queen of social media where you can show off your microblading work, particularly those beautiful brows you have made in your practice models or previous clients.

Posting your before-and-after photos in IG is simply perfect as it is the site for everything visual. The images you post can go viral in a short period of time if one of your followers shared it for others to see. It is also recommended you have your IG feed on your website so that all visitors can see your work.

3. Facebook

Facebook, on the other hand, is a great place where you can create a business account where you can also include all the information about your microblading enterprise such as services provided, hours of operation, packages or promos, and so on. You can also upload some of your before and after creations to further build your portfolio.

One good thing about using Facebook to promote online is that Google can crawl in and pick up the information you have on your FB account and match it on your website or other sites on the internet. This can give you more chances to rank higher in search engines. Just keep in mind not to use your personal account for your business account to fully benefit from the use of Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads are also a great way to reach more potential customers near your location. With Facebook ads, you can target people very specifically based on several factors like age, income, sex, interest and much more. Having the right team to run your Facebook Ads is vital unless you learn yourself.


4. Google Ads (Adwords)

An online marketing strategy that can give you high-quality results for sure is running Google Ads. It’s a pay-per-click (PPC) service that enables you to make advertisements that will be displayed in the search results of Google and other Google search partners YouTube, Amazon, and much more. With this ad service program, you can do a lot of marketing such as increase brand awareness, drive new sales, generate more leads, and much more. Apart from the fact that’s backed by the statistics of how successful Google Ads is in helping promote and grow all sorts of business online, the use of this PPC system brings plenty of benefits for your microblading business. For one, it’s the fastest way to generate quality leads and give you results as quick as in several minutes only. You don’t have to prove your ad campaigns just to make it work. Once it appears on the search result page, you can expect instant leads. One thing to do consider is that running Google Ads can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. That is why we recommend you hire a microblading Google Ads management company.

In addition to speed, Google Ads also let you choose keywords for your ads that specifically target a certain group of audiences whom you only want to see your campaign. In fact, you can even decide what time you want your ads campaign to be seen in a specific location. This results in generating high-quality leads which are highly likely to turn into your happy guest.

When it comes to knowing if your ads do work or not, Google Ads can further help you determine this matter easily and efficiently through its various PPC metrics. It provides accurate measurement on which factors give you higher or lower rankings in search engines. As such, you will know how a certain ad campaign performs in terms of giving you the ROI and let you see if it’s worth pursuing. The data or report generated by Google Ads is also very useful to further improve your SEO marketing program, giving you the best of these two marketing tools.

Finally, the PPC system of Google Ads gives you complete control of your marketing or advertising costs. You have the ability to decide on the bidding price for your ad campaigns, letting you set the maximum amount that you can afford to spend. This gives you financial freedom by staying within your budget, which is a very crucial part of running any type of business.

We do recommend when running Google Ads to have a dedicated landing page to capture potential client information. We recommend using Leadpages to build your landing pages.

So, given those advantages of using Google Ads, it’s indeed worth every dollar you spend in running the program for your microblading business.

5.  Bing Ads

Same with Google Ads, Bing Ads is another powerful name that provides PPC advertising service and is designed to give you the online marketing edge your microblading business can benefit from.  It’s owned by Microsoft and covers three different search engines where your ad will be displayed. These are the Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, as well as the other partner sites.

While it’s true that Google gets the majority of search market share, Bing Ads is another distinct platform that everyone is starting to consider because of its unique and great advertising services.

First of all, Bing Ads also enjoys a big search engine market share worldwide with 34% and has monthly searches of 5.4 billion. You would be amazed to know that there are 63 million searches reached by Bing which is not reached by Google Ads. Not only that, but you can also reach a wider audience with a specific demographic. This group of people, about 40% of them, has ages between 35 – 54, who are more educated and will likely turn into your high-quality clients.

Second, in terms of financial aspect, you’ll get a better return on investment with Bing Ads. This is because Bing PPC network has weaker competition which makes the cost of traffic much cheaper. Lower CPC or cost-per-click means you get more for each dollar you invest in bidding for your ads. Statistics indicate that you’ll pay about 70% less CPC on Bing Ads than advertising in Google Ads. So, when you get the right amount of traffic, you will have higher sales by paying a lower cost, which then results in a better ROI.

Third and last, advertising through Bing Ads gives you more options in various aspects of this marketing program. You have several choices in terms of where you want your ad campaigns to appear. Whether you prefer to have them seen in all three Bing search networks, or just in Bing and Yahoo searches, or on search partner sites only.

Also, you can adjust ad settings at the ad group level and have the option to assign different ads to different time zones. Finally, you even have the option to target device users according to what OS and device they’re accessing your ads, giving you more information to work with. So, if you’re budget allows it, advertising both on Google Ads and Bing Ads is a perfect marketing combo to reach a much wider audience and get more quality guest. Bing Ads also has a great deal for a new user. You can enjoy $100 off when you spend $25 with Bing.

6. Email Marketing

If you want an effective yet cheap solution to reach your customers fast, then running an email marketing for your microblading business is worth trying for. It may be an old school approach to marketing but it’s proven to be very effective in getting more clients. In fact, it’s considered to be 40 times more effective in attracting new prospects than advertising on social media alone. This is because the majority of the adult population in the US prefer to receive business promos through their emails and inbox is a place that they open first thing in the morning.

Reports show that compared to social media engagement rates, email has a much higher rate of 22%. Facebook only has 6% while Instagram gets 10% engagement rate only. Even if you combine their rates, email still has a much higher rating, which means you’ll have a greater chance that your recipients will open the email you send them.

Also, opening emails are done with intent and not randomly as is the case with social media where people are scrolling down on their walls mindlessly. Rather, after reading your subject line and opening up your email, it’s more likely that they’re interested in what you’ve got for them and read your message.

In terms of ROI, investing in email marketing can give you an average return of $44.00 for every dollar you spend on it, which is pretty big enough compared to other online campaign solutions. Apart from these great financial gains, doing email marketing is also easier and more simple as it doesn’t involve comprehensive marketing tools and steps to perform. Regardless of whether you have some marketing experience or not with this campaign, you can get started with this program very quickly.

Another beauty of using email marketing is that you can market to your prospects with a personal touch. It means you can reach your target market without sounding too “salesy” or being so direct about selling your microblading services. You’ll have the ability to customize your messages for each different kind of audience you want to target by organizing your list of contacts based on their interest, place, and other factors. You can also do this separate content messaging to your existing clients and new potential customers, ensuring that they receive the right contents on their inbox.

Lastly, you can use email marketing as your professional branding tool through well-designed templates with your business name and logo on every customized email you send. Whether you’re sending emails daily or weekly, doing it consistently will give you higher responses and a rich community of subscribers from where you can attract new clients.

We recommend using Constant Contact to do your email marketing. You can even get a free 60 day trial before signup up to their platform. Give them a try and stay active with your emails.

7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Having a website alone is not enough to make your microblading business highly visible in the online world. What you need to achieve better visibility and let your website be shown higher in the different search engines like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and Bing, is an effective SEO or search engine optimization program. It takes into account a number of factors that search engines consider to determine whether or not your website is relevant to rank it on the first page of search engine results.

With the right SEO for your microblading website means increased visibility and online presence, which will result in more bookings for your services. This happens if your company is the first one that your potential customers would see during their search for a microblading service. On the other hand, without SEO means being further down the list of search result pages. It means clients won’t be able to see you since most online searchers don’t look beyond the first page. They prefer to stay on the top list and would choose your competitors instead if you don’t beat them in ranking.

A good SEO makes sure that all of the content of your website is relevant and high quality for your target customers. This is how search engines will reward you by placing your website on the top list of their results page for your prospects to see. Plus the fact that if you have local SEO in place for your website, you’ll have the ability to outrank your local competitors and increase the number of clicks to your website. Eventually, it will result in more local customers finding you and so more physical visitors walking into your business.

Getting higher rankings in search engine results translates to enjoying more web traffic. By keeping your visibility high on the first page, your guest will click on your website and browse it to see what microblading service packages you have to offer. It ultimately means more leads and conversions, thus more income as well.

More importantly, optimizing your website for search engines is a perfect way to fully leverage the advertising services of Google Ads. These two online marketing tools work perfectly together. You can use Google Ads data to find what specific campaigns or keywords are performing the best to further achieve better results for your SEO plan. What you get in return is a great system that does all the marketing work for you. All you need to do is to find the best company that specializes in marketing your microblading business using strategies that are based on real-life results.

8. Google My Business (GMB) – Google Maps

While for sure you’ve got all the important information about your microblading business in your website, Google My Business, or GMB, is another great tool that indexes whatever content you have for consistency across Google Search, Google+, and Maps. It appears like a simple listing of your business’ operating information, posts, reviews, and many more. Every time a customer searches for you, it’s just there waiting for that client to find you. In addition, GMB even plays a major role in your local SEO strategy and it’s a perfect place to get started. After all, data show that whenever searchers look for a product or service near them, say “microblading service near me”, they are very likely to buy. In fact, one in two people

who make a local search goes and visit that store within the day. It’s therefore essential that the information you have about your microblading business is complete, accurate, and optimized to show up higher on Google searches.

Make sure you add as much information and media as possible. This would include your business profile photo, your operating hours, the area you serve, any attributes you’ve for your customers, the days you are open, your phone number, and of course, your business website URL. Always ensure that your GMB has nice, high-definition photos as your business profile. This is important if you want to enjoy 35% more clicks to your website and 42% higher requests for driving directions in Google Maps.

While there are other ways to rank higher and show your business on Google’s first page like the ones mentioned already, GMB is a very simple yet valuable tool that helps you gather insights about how your clients are arriving on your website, interact with your prospects, manage your online review reputation, curate user-generated contents such as photos and videos, and index or control your pertinent business information.

All of which are possible with GMB for free. Just don’t forget to get everything right the first time to prevent random people making some changes on your information and log into your GMB dashboard from time to time to check that all the details are correct.

9. A Referral System

Surveys indicate that customers are 4 times more likely to purchase a product or service when it’s referred by a friend. So, it’s not surprising that most businesses get more clients through the power of word of mouth or referral. You can further encourage this by offering some incentives like discounts or freebies for those who’re able to recommend their friends or anybody they know to avail your microblading business. After all, who doesn’t love saving some money anyway.

A referral system works as proven time and time again because people will be influenced by their friends or relatives who have been your happy clients themselves. Your previous customers know what their friends need or like, and so they will refer your microblading service to them who they think can benefit from it. Apart from spreading the word about your business through their mouth, they can also post about it on their social media accounts, giving you more chances of getting new clients.

The best part of having more customers through referrals is that both the referring and referred clients will become your lifetime clients. They are higher quality customers who have a higher retention rate and so give you higher margins.

9. Online Reviews

Clearly, having a website, running online advertising programs, and referrals are strategies that pay off, so does is getting your microblading business on the most trusted review sites. These include Google, which tops the list with more than 60% of customers checking online reviews on it, followed by Yelp with 45%, and Facebook. This is where creating your own Google My Business listing and optimizing it becomes very important.

If you’re wondering how can participating in those review sites help your microblading business,
here are some facts to ponder on.

– Reviews influence the purchasing decision of 93% of customers – 85% trust what they read on online reviews of local businesses in the same way as they trust personal recommendations – 92% will choose a local business when it has a 4-star rating at the least – 72% will decide only after reading a positive review – 86% will opt not to pick a business that has negative online reviews

In other words, if your microblading business has reviews from your previous clients, you’ll have an edge over your competitors who don’t pay attention to this matter. Moreover, if you’ve got positive brand reviews, you’ll be very close to getting more customers and grow them in number. However, having more negative reviews can also destroy your brand name.

So, what it all means is that a happy customer is the most powerful marketing tool that you can have to grow your business while a dissatisfied one can be your nightmare. It is, therefore, critical to make the negative customer feedback into an asset instead of being a liability for your microblading business. You can do it by reaching to such clients promptly, talking to them about their experience to find out what really happened, and resolving the problem by redoing the service and turning them into satisfied customers.

In such a way, you’re not only improving your reputation online but you’ll have more customers by showing you really care about them.

10. Yelp

Other Important Ways To Increase Your Microblading Clients

Now that you’ve considered almost all the major marketing mechanisms available online and offline, there are still some few little yet critical ways you can build your microblading clientele.

11. Online Booking System

First up is having an online booking system which you can incorporate in your website and any other sites you’re running your business. This system works around the clock and customers don’t have to walk in just to book an appointment with your service. It also means hassle-free management of your bookings while giving you smarter insights about your customers and understanding them better. Also, the payments would be much easier and faster with an online booking platform and you’ll have something as a guarantee that the customers will show up during the scheduled appointment.

Lastly, an online booking or reservation system would give your customers a much more convenient way to reserve their preferred day and time to get microblading done for them. They don’t have to dial your number and wait for your response if that schedule is still available for them or not. This is perfect for customers who have a tight schedule. If you don’t have this system in place, they will look for other service providers and you just lose a potential client. Answer your clients’ messages or calls

Even in these days of emailing and going online, the phone remains the primary point of contact with your customers. Most still prefer to talk it over the phone before visiting your salon. When they get no answer in return or receive a wrong response, they will become frustrated. So, whether it’s just a quick message asking for some information about your business or specifically about your microblading service, never miss to respond or you miss a customers. While queries from people won’t automatically translate to a sure customer, most of them will be your potential clients. Answering their questions show that you’re serious in doing business and that you’re a professional. Also, keep in mind that when you answer calls from your clients, do it in the right way since it will form their first impression of your business. Don’t keep them waiting but pick up the phone immediately. And when you or your staff answer the phone, sound as enthusiastic and professional as possible.

Taking these simple actions may be taken for granted but it can actually spell a big difference between gaining or losing a client.

Taking The Risks

In summary, there are plenty of ways you can build clientele for your microblading business. Each of them works differently and gives you varying results. If your budget permits, you can adopt all of them to give you the best result ever possible. Or, you can choose the ones you think you can benefit the most.

No matter which solutions you go for, the most important ingredient of getting more customers and grow your microblading business is the amount of energy and enthusiasm you put into it. Don’t be afraid to try out new things and take some risks. It’s the only way you can achieve what you want – that’s growing your business. It may not be that easy, but with the right amount of hard work, decision making and dedication, you’re well on your way to have a successful microblading business. Good luck!

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