Microblading Aftercare | How To Take Care Of Your 3D Eyebrows

Microblading Aftercare

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June 30, 2019
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You have just got those gorgeous and perfectly curved eyebrows that you confidently sport as you head back home. Congratulations on your new microbladed brows! Now what you need to do is just relax and the best way to deal with it is to not do much, especially during the first ten days.

Your full commitment to this brow journey is very crucial and how you take good care of your newly microbladed brows is everything. No matter how great the microblading artist is at making your eyebrows look beautiful, without doing the right microblading aftercare, it will be useless.

As you might already be aware of, your microbladed brows will go through the entire healing process which happens in several stages. It’s important that you know them so that you will have an idea of what to expect along with what you have to do in taking care of your brows.

What Happens After Your Treatment

Right after the procedure, your microbladed brow will look bolder and darker and will even appear more filled in. It can be like that for a week when the initial healing process is taking place and there might be a minimal redness or little discomfort.

You can also expect some scabbing and peeling of your skin, which is just normal. Let it come off on its own because a premature scabbing will ruin the pigment that may come out with the scab. So, never pick at the scab and just wait for it to flake off naturally.

As the healing process takes place, your skin is undergoing a natural regeneration and exfoliation and you might be thinking that too much color of your microbladed brows has been lost already. It’s not true because it is just normal that the color of your microbladed brows will lighten and will reveal its true color.

To give you a clearer picture of what to expect, here are the detailed things that could happen every step of the healing process.

Microblading Healing Day By Day

Day 1:

Your eyebrows are very finely detailed and look so fresh with a bit of redness.

Day 2 to 4:

Your microbladed brows look darker and become even crisper. These are pretty normal as they are forming a light scab. No need to worry though and just continue with your aftercare practice.

Day 5 to 9:

After the course of several days, the scab that was formed will eventually exfoliate and flakes away. Once it has peeled off, your fresh skin underneath that has a waxy coating will make your brows look lighter than it has been after the microblading. Again, don’t panic as this is pretty normal and just be patient to wait for the right time when it’s completely healed.

Day 10 to 30:

You can now breathe much deeper since you can wash your brows using a mild cleanser to help ease the healing process at this time. The color that has appeared soft and light will bloom back to life as your white skin heals and this usually happens at least four weeks. Only after this that you can schedule a touch-up to adjust any light spots and tighten up the shape of your brows, as well as to know how your skin responds to the treatment.

Knowing what to expect within this first month of the healing process is essential to make you prepared. More importantly, what you do with your fresh brows after the procedure spells the big difference between a successful and a failed treatment.

So, to help you achieve the most out of this beauty treatment and enjoy the best results, here are some rules of microblading aftercare you have to keep in mind.

Simple Rules Of Microblading Eyebrow Aftercare

If we are going to simplify and summarize everything you have to do to care for your microbladed brows, four phrases would be enough: no water, no moisture, no sweat, and no sun for about 10 days long. In other words, keep your brows completely dry to get the absolute best results.

This is because keeping them dry means retaining their crisp strokes, better color, and more brow details. You might be wondering how it would be possible to keep your microbladed brows totally dry. It may sound like a huge task but it’s actually simple and easy to follow.

3D Brow Aftercare Tips and Tricks

The first thing to do:

After the microblading procedure, about 2 to 3 hours, wash off the ointment that the technician applied on your brows using sterile water and the gauze pad that usually comes with your microblading aftercare kit.

Every time you wash your face:

When it comes to washing your face, take extra caution of not splashing water onto your brow area. You can use either a disposable cleansing wipes or a washcloth in washing the area around your microbladed brows. Again, be very careful every time you wash near the area to keep them dry.

When in the shower:

With the same extra care, do your best to keep your face away from the shower stream. When washing your hair, it’s great if you can ask someone at home to do it for you on a sink. Or, you can use a shower cap that fully covers your face and keeps it dry as much as possible. Also, have some paper towels on hand to pat your brows dry if they have been moist accidentally. Better yet, shorten the time you spend on showering as what you normally do. This can help prevent too much exposure to steam which is also not good for your brows.

When applying cosmetic products:

As much as possible, never apply any type of cosmetics on your eyebrows within the 10-day period. These include anti-acne products, wax, skin bleaching creams, and hair removal products. In the event that you need to gently moisturize the area because it feels so dry and tight already, you can use a very small amount of oil or any fragrance-free moisturizer product and apply it sparingly on the microbladed area. You can do it around seven days after the treatment.

When using blotting paper:

If you have normal skin, you can use product free blotting paper
about thrice daily on top and the surrounding area of your brows for the first ten days. If you’ve got oily skin, you can do it six times a day.

When working out:

If you have an active lifestyle and do regular heavy work out, sad to say, you have to lie low on this for at least ten days post-treatment. Remember, no sweating if you want to have the best results of your microblading journey. You can still resort to some light exercise that won’t cause you heavy sweating. Same idea applies to other activities that can make you sweat or get you wet, such as saunas, hot steams, jacuzzis, and swimming.

So, after 10 days:

Finally, all your effort in keeping your brows stay dry for ten days almost pay off. You can now wash your face in the usual way as you do normally without having to worry about getting your brows wet. But use only a gentle face wash and not those facial products with harsh chemicals that may infringe the tattooed pigment on your brows.

Those microblading aftercare tips work pretty well 10 days after the microblading procedure. When it comes to skincare practice once your brows had healed, here are some tips to bear in mind to fully enjoy the amazing results of microblading.

Dealing with the sunlight:

With or without getting your brows tattooed, prolonged sun exposure can cause some skin issues and it can result to discoloration and fading of the pigment on your brows. So, after your eyebrows have healed, it is best to apply some sunscreen product on the treated area every day. It will also help if you wear a huge hat and big sunglasses to further protect your brows from the sun.

Getting other beauty treatments:

If you have any plans of undergoing other beauty treatments, such as diamond peel, microdermabrasion, application of glycolic acid, or perhaps a laser treatment, any of them must not be directly done on your microbladed area since they can discolor or lighten the tattooed pigment.

Laser hair removal or laser resurfacing, in particular, is not recommended as lasers can greatly affect your microbladed eyebrows. But should you wish to do so or if it’s badly needed to be done right after your tattoo has healed, the laser technician must know about it and proceed at your own discretion.

The follow-up session:

Upon complete healing, which takes about four weeks or more depending on how fast your skin regenerates, you can set another appointment for any changes you want. Typically, this follow-up can be done no sooner than four to eight weeks later when the skin in your brows had fully regenerated.

The Bottom Line

While the length of the healing process varies per patient due to differences in skin regeneration cycle and specific responses to microblading, those tips on how to take on microblading aftercare are applicable to all. Keeping all the rules in mind will help ensure you get the best eyebrows that you could have.

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