Microblading From Home | Running Your Business From Your House?

Microblading From Home: Running Your Business From Your House

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April 19, 2020

If you have been considering quitting your current job and wanted to start your own microblading business, then you’re on the right track. You will also be delighted to know how much microbladers make, especially if they do it right working from home. It would be perfect for those who want to add extra income to their existing business or make it a great source of high earnings every month.   

Microblading Business From Home

One of the greatest benefits of running microblading business from home is that it allows you to be your own boss. This makes you a lot more flexible around your other commitments and responsibilities. You can also work as little or as much as you want, or as your schedule would permit. Plus, you all have the complete control of your working hours to best suit your lifestyle. It is even much greater if you have kids and want to support your family. 

Not to mention that starting your own microblading business from home does not take a lot of investment compared to opening a salon or spa. You can simply dedicate a certain space in your home, say an unutilized basement or bedroom, to perform the treatment on your client. Or you may have an extension to your house if you don’t have a spare room inside.  

In addition, building any business from home has never been easier with the online world and plenty of social media platforms you can use. Microblading is even the most ideal business to do from home because you can simply show your work either in Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook and by showing potential clients of what you are capable of in your craft you really don’t have to do a lot of convincing to come and see you. 

In fact, people will naturally come to your home for the service since the demand for microblading is so high relative to the number of talented microblading artists out there. 

If you are wondering if the clients will be bothered about getting inside your place, you don’t have to because the truth is they don’t mind at all. They would even feel at home in this case and will be more relaxed as you perform the service. This will result in happier clients who would love to come back and see you again the next time around.    

And since you don’t have to invest big on renting a space, you can share this benefit to your clients by charging less than they would be paying in a salon or day spa. So, you even have a higher chance of attracting more clients with a lower price, which you can increase later on as you progress in your microblading business and have established a great customer base. 

It’s quite clear that being self-employed brings a lot of benefits but it also requires some more time and works on your part. But if you invest in the right amount of hard work, time will come that you can guarantee your clients to start pouring in to get your microblading service.   

So, what are the things you needed to jump-start your microblading business from home and earn so much higher than you can imagine? Let’s take a moment to identify the must-haves in doing microblading business right around your home.

Can You Do Microblading from Home? This Is What You Need


Let’s start with the license requirements. Licensing is very important if you don’t want the the city or county authorities coming over and order you to stop doing business in an instant, putting all your investments in vain. So, spare yourself a future headache by knowing all the regulations that your local authorities may have on the practice of microblading. 

Some of the most common licenses governing microblading include a complete blood-borne pathogens course and a certification of accomplished training hours. It may or may not be needed to be associated with a licensed institution for body art.  

And of course, you will need the right permits or licenses fromt the city or county health office. It pays to find out what you will need so please call your local governing body. Many times microblading falls under tattoo or body art so contact the right authorities near you.


Just like in any other business, branding plays a very important role in getting more clients. More so with microblading as this industry is all about the person performing the service. You have to always keep in mind that clients will be very interested to know about you and what you’re capable of doing. After all, they will trust your with their eyebrows, making sure that you can make them look more beautiful.

What all this means is that you have to be professional and look at your best. Remember that first impressions are very crucial and unprofessional look will cost you many missed clients. So, you’d better impress them with some professional headshots. That means have you home studio on point and looking professional.

The industry you are in is about beauty and you must show your clients that you are what you sell them. A presentable and professional-looking headshot can make a big difference in creating good first impressions. 

You have to tell and show your audience that you are a professional in doing microblading even if you are doing it right at the comforts of your home. Apart from a fantastic headshot in your social media profiles, you need to have a professional website to really build an online presence

Having a website for your microblading business is the best marketing tool you will have to get more clients and earn bigger income. You can customize it to tell everything you want your clients to know about your service and show them your portfolio. You can upload your before-and-after photos and any videos you want them to watch. 

Keep in mind that what you need to outwin competitors is to reach potential clients first and the ultimate way to this is through a website where they can find you easily and quickly. The same idea applies to create various social media platforms where you can advertise your microblading service

You may also want to try some marketing mechanisms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, email marketing, SEO, and many other online programs and marketing strategies to build your microblading business from home. After all, the online world is the best place to attract more clients, especially that you’re doing it from home.

Walk And Talk

While advertising online can give you amazing results, don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. Start by paying to nearby salons and spas as well as waxing centers. You may be tempted to make phone calls only but going in person to talk to potential clients while distributing business cards will be far more convincing.

You can even show some demonstration and offer your services for a discounted price or for free if you don’t have any portfolio yet. You can then use the result in your online pages as proof of your talent. Your best word of mouth is a beautiful pair of eyebrows that you have done. 

Your first clients most probably are your family and friends as they already know you and trust your skills. So you can tell them about your new business and ask any one of them to do their brows and post it online to tell the rest of your network that you are offering microblading service. They can also help you spread the word. 

Remember that your potential clients are just everywhere: It can be at your kids’ school, at your church, or even at your local grocery store. The bottom line is that when you are not yet ready to come out and talk about your microblading services, then all your effort will be useless. This is an industry where you have to own and be proud of your services in order to attract clients and earn the amount you hoped for. 

Don’t be afraid to tell the world of what you’re doing. After all, you’ve got what it takes to make others feel better about how they look. The only difference is that you’re doing it from home. 


And last but not least, don’t forget to be equipped with everything you need for a result that clients would love to show off and tell their friends. Microblading is a very technical thing in which you need to use the right tools and equipment to do it properly. Otherwise, you will have clients suing you in court. 

So, invest in high-quality equipment that will let you perform microblading safely and accurately. The amount you put into your assets will make a big difference in giving your client the best results possible.

With plenty of benefits that doing microblading business from home brings to the table, for sure you would want to pursue and start it as soon as possible. As for the requirements, they are achievable as long as you put your heart into it. Definitely, you can and should do it.  

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