Startup Microblading Business: What You Need To Know First

Startup A Microblading Business: What You Need To Know

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One of the hottest cosmetic treatments right now is microblading. It continues to grow and become a very popular trend in the beauty industry as it provides the look of perfectly-shaped and natural-looking eyebrows.

There’s no wonder why more and more are becoming crazy over it which has prompted many to be interested in owning their own microblading studio. Not only has eyebrow microblading gained great popularity worldwide but it has become a very profitable business, too. The industry even shows signs of high potential for growth.

These are perhaps the reasons why you are considering to join the growing pool of permanent cosmetic makeup artists and want to build your career on it. By all means, go ahead and this profession can really be rewarding and a worthy investment if you go all in. However, just like other newbies in this field, you might be asking the same question, “What do I need to start my microblading business?”

What You Need To Start A Microblading Business

First and foremost, you need to have the right skills to do the craft of microblading since it’s also a form of art combined with the science of cosmetology. Or even just an enthusiast to do microblading as you can learn it along the way. And same with other types of businesses out there, you need to be equipped with some necessary things to start a microblading business the right way.

#1. Good Amount of Training And Practice

You might already have some talent in microblading but it’s not enough to make you a qualified practitioner. You need to master your craft by finding the right training courses and trainers. It’s necessary to invest and learn the various microblading techniques as well as useful tips from the experts. Just make sure that you choose the right professionals to give you the proper training which follows the industry standards of microblading.

You can look for these experts in reputable institutions or industry associations like American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) or the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). For sure, they have a pool of trainers who provide great microblading courses you can attend and get good training. You can check their websites and ask for some good references.

You can also do research and check out individual microblading artist portfolios and choose the best trainer. Along with the good amount of training, it’s equally important to practice, practice and practice. It’s the only way to put what you’ve learned into practice and be really great at microblading.

There is plenty to learn about this cosmetic treatment and there would be more ingredients of pigments that you have to learn how to use them in every skin type or tone of your future clients. So, proper training and practice are a perfect way to start your microblading enterprise.

#2. Professional Licenses To Perform Microblading

The next thing you’ll need to be qualified to run your own microblading shop is the right certification to operate. Depending on where you specifically live, your state may require a professional license for you to do your microblading service. If you don’t know about the specific regulations of your state pertaining to this cosmetic practice, you can check with your Department of Health. They can guide you what particular licenses to have and how to get it.

Alternatively, you can also ask help from the microblading industry experts, either from AAM or SPCP regarding the licensing rules in your state. Also, don’t forget to check out your county or city ruling when it comes to microblading licenses. You might also be required to get a BBP or Bloodborne Pathogen Certification which is important since you’ll be dealing with actually cutting into the skin of your clients. Or, you would need to undergo and complete an apprenticeship to be certified in doing the craft.

#3. Right Equipment And Supplies

Starting any type of small enterprise requires some capital and investment costs. The amount you will need vary greatly, depending on the quality of equipment and supplies you will use for microblading. It can be as low as $25,000 but can go very much higher. Good quality cosmetic tattooing machines cost hundreds of dollars, plus the amount you need for the supplies such as the needles to microblade, the inks or pigments, and the tubes. In addition, some states are very strict in terms of the kind of furniture you use for performing the procedure. In fact, there is special furniture specifically designed for microblading to ensure the safety of the clients during the process. So, you need to also invest in them as compliance with rules.

And of course, don’t skimp on the interior design of your microblading salon to be appealing to the customers. Most beauty salons have to look inviting and relaxing to attract customers walking inside and avail the service.

#4. Strategic Location

Location is one of the most important things you need to consider if you want to get more customers. Choose a place where there’s high foot traffic or where it’s near to crowded areas such as in a shopping center. However, just like other requirements you have to comply with your state, there could be some zoning ordinances that would prohibit you from operating your microblading salon.

So, before you hurry and rent a prime location somewhere down the road, make sure you deal with the legal matters first. Then you can fully benefit from picking a very strategic location where potential clients would be passing by and be interested in getting your microblading service.

#5. A Great Online Presence

Now, you are about to run your own microblading business. You’ve got everything on your back: good training, plenty of practice, proper licenses and certifications, right equipment and supplies, and a perfect location. You’re all good to go and you can actually start but there’s one more thing you need to have if you want to attract more customers. A well-designed website to promote your microblading enterprise online.

You probably know that the internet is a way of life nowadays and virtually all cosmetic makeup artists leverage the online world to promote their businesses. If you want to go ahead or even just be at par with your competitors to start with, you need to have an official website for your microblading business where you can let the netizens know about it, the services you are providing and the corresponding prices.

You can put anything on your website. Everything you want your prospects to know about microblading, educate them, entice them to try it and eventually choose your service. It’s a great online marketing mechanism to promote your microblading business. You would even be amazed by how effective it can be in reaching your target market as there are plenty of advertising tools you can use to get high-quality leads and thus, increase your sales. But this would be another big topic to tackle later on if you want to bring your enterprise to the next level.

Last Piece of Advice

For now, those five things are what you need to start your microblading business and keep it going stronger as the days pass by. While it may sound a lot for you, it is totally worth it! Always remember that no business will prosper without hard work. As long as you have the passion to do microblading, you will be motivated to do what it takes to finally run your own salon.

Finally, keep in mind that owning and running your own microblading enterprise is both a challenging and rewarding endeavor. The amount of money and dedication you will put on it, in the beginning, will certainly pay off as you continuously thrive to do better.

Just don’t forget to seek for any assistance you need along the way, be it technical about the latest microblading techniques and pigments, or strategic, such as the effective marketing ways to invest in. Almost everything is possible to grow a microblading business and commitment is all you really need.

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