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June 30, 2019

Microblading Aftercare

You have just got those gorgeous and perfectly curved eyebrows that you confidently sport as you head back home. Congratulations on your new microbladed brows! Now what you need to do is just relax and the best way to deal with it is to not do much, especially during the first ten days. Your full commitment to this brow journey is very crucial and how you take good care of your newly microbladed brows is everything. No matter how great the microblading artist is at making your eyebrows look beautiful, without doing the right microblading aftercare, it will be useless. As you might already be aware of, your microbladed brows will go through the entire healing process which happens in several stages. It’s important that you know them so that you will have an idea of what to expect along with what you have to do in taking care of your brows. What Happens After Your Treatment Right after the procedure, your microbladed brow will look bolder and darker and will even appear more filled in. It can be like that for a week when the initial healing process is taking place and there might be a minimal redness or little discomfort. You can also expect some scabbing and peeling of your skin, which is just normal. Let it come off on its own because a premature scabbing will ruin the pigment that may come out with the scab. So, never pick at the scab and just wait for it to flake off naturally. As the healing process takes place, your skin is undergoing a natural regeneration and exfoliation and you might be thinking that too much color of your microbladed brows has been lost already. It’s not true because it is just normal that the color of your microbladed […]
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