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March 30, 2019
Microblading Income

Microblading Income: How Much Do Microbladers Make A Year

One of the most untapped markets in the beauty industry is microblading. While there are many beauty professionals out there providing a variety of cosmetic treatments, microbladers are enjoying a much greater spot when it comes to earning a higher income in doing their craft. Unlike aestheticians or cosmetologist who have to undergo longer training hours, school, and state boards, microblading artists don’t need as much time to master the art and science of this brow enhancement procedure but they can potentially earn more. So, you might be interested to know how much do microblading technicians make in a year. Actually, it really depends on how many clients an artist can get, how many hours they work, and how good they are. But to give an idea, here are some figures we can share through rough estimations of how much income can a microblading specialist earn in a year. Microblading Specialist Salary Per Year Microblading is a very lucrative enterprising endeavor that is best-kept as a secret and left in the hands of the select experts. Clients of this cosmetic treatment are very much willing to pay a premium price for a service that is rendered safely and excellently. Typically, they would pay anywhere between $250 and $800. The actual amount depends on several things such as location and how skillful the microblader is in making the brows. That amount of money is pretty much considerable enough but since it can vary so greatly, let’s take a closer look at how much microbladers right now make in an hour. Taking into account the average amount a client is willing to pay for one microblading session ($250 to $800) and the amount of time it takes (about 2 hours), it means the artist can earn $125 to $400 per hour. Simply […]
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