Microblading Bing Ads Management

Microblading Bing Ads Management

Do you need help with getting more microblading clients?

Did you know that only 30% of small businesses invest in online marketing?

Why Choose Online Marketing For Your Microblading Business?

With the rise of the internet, never has there been a better time to start marketing your microblading business online. The age of newspaper advertisements and prime time TV is dying out, and social media, video content and online marketing is taking over.

Today, the majority of your customers are online with access to the internet 24/7. And that means if your customers are there, your business should be there too. Your competitors are marketing their services online, and you need to direct your customers to your site in order to gain a competitive advantage. The most obvious reason for marketing your microblading services online is that it is a very affordable method. Unlike traditional mediums, there are plenty more affordable options that will suit any marketing budget and Microblading Marketing has plenty of options for you.

Website Design


Of Small Businesses Who Don't Have A Website.



Of Small Business Are Investing In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online Marketing


Of Small Business Owners Do Their Own Digital Marketing.



Google Ads Can Significantly Help With Brand Awareness.


Website design is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to your microblading online marketing and getting more clients for your business. Most people will use online search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find the service they are looking for, and they will click on your website to find out more about your microblading service or any other service you provide. Therefore, it is imperative that your site looks good so you can create the best first impression and why website design is so important to start any online marketing campaigns.

The reality is, the aesthetics of your website will be judged instantaneously, which will help the customer decide on the credibility of your business. The more professional and well designed website is, the more likely you are to make sales. Not only does it need to look good, but when your website is optimized correctly, it should also act as your receptionist or sales rep on your behalf.

Your potential customers should be able to go onto your site and make the require appointments or get in contact with your company. In order for that to happen, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration to make the process from entering your site, to booking as easy as possible. You site needs to be mobile friendly, up to date, ranked high in search engines for people to access your site, easy to navigate, which we consider when building websites for microblading artist.

Having A Website Is The First Step To A Successful Microblading Internet Marketing Campaign


As a microblading artist, SEO is one factor of your online marketing strategy you should consider. SEO is an abbreviated term for “search engine optimization” and it is the process of getting your website ranked higher among search engine search results both in Google Maps and organically. Specifically, it is the process of experimenting with a number of methods and making adjustments both on and off your website to help bring it further up the search engines results pages (SERPS).

 Since there is so much competition online and in your local area, SEO is a way to help you stand out in a crowded market and to make sure that your business is seen by any customers who are looking for microblading other beauty services you might offer. It is also important to understand that most people won't go beyond the first page of the search engine results, so making sure your business is ranked (positioned) as highly as possible is crucial to be seen. 

In doing so, your website will have better visibility to your market, which will ultimately result in more sales for your business. While high quality content is the most favoured form of SEO, it is not enough to just write good content for your website to attract new customers. You need to know how to leverage Google search engines with SEO by adopting the best techniques to make sure that your business is widely seen. Organic SEO is a great strategy for your online marketing, but we know it can be a time consuming process. Microblading Marketing can help with your SEO strategy by creating relevant content and doing the work for you. SEO is a longer term stragedy that will continue to grow over time and it is vital to start now because the microblading industry is in a boom. In a short period of time, you will start to notice competitors popup everywhere. Secure that long term visibility now by investing in SEO. 

SEO will get your company more visibility, exposure, website traffic, website inquires, calls, and more clients.

Google Ads (Adwords)

If you are looking for a fast way to bring in high quality leads and you have a higher budget, Adwords can be a great part of your online marketing strategy. Adwords help businesses achieve better results in a variety of ways. It can help to increase brand awareness, improve your business’s online visibility and help to produce more online sales.


What are some of the details of Adwords? They are essentially the specific key words that are the most relevant to the search on a search engine. This method helps ensure you target the right people by honing in on specific markets who are ready to buy from you, by allowing you to set up key words that they are likely to type into the search engine.


You can make sure that the people who see your ad are the people who search for your services.  You can even set the location and the time of day they will see it to bring in get high quality leads that will actually be able to invest in your product. Unlike SEO, Adwords also allows you to measure your ROI in an effective way with the use of metrics, so you can see what is working for your business, and what isn't, in order to make sure that your money is being well spent. 

If SEO is a marathon, then (PPC) Pay Per Click Google Ads is a sprint.

Bing Ads

For any of your customers that do not use Google, Bing Ads offer an alternative way to generate more traffic to your website. Bing Ads come with a variety of features that differ from Google Adwords, and can be especially helpful for a microblading business that is looking to market to a very specific audience. One of the best things about using Bing Ads is that because less people are using Bing’s search engine, it means there is less competition.

You are more likely to be seen by your customers without the expensive price tag. Bing also offers content ads, which can help broaden the reach of where your ads will show. That means more potential for your customers to see your business online.

Bing/Yahoo accounts for 23% of online searches and your competitors are overlooking this PPC gold mine.

Facebook Ads

In order to optimize your microblading online marketing, Facebook Ads are another effective way to bring in more clients. Facebook has nearly two billion active users  on their site every day. And most spend a minimum of forty minutes per day, which gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your business to an enormous number of people.

The way Facebook ads work is that they give business owners the ability to specifically target and reach the proper market at a reasonably low cost, which is ideal for a small business without a huge marketing budget. To do that, you will need to use Facebook Ads Manager to customize your audience, which is a fairly straight forward process.

All you need to do is type in the key words of your business and the location, and Facebook will get to work for you. Based on what you input, Facebook will then only target people who might be interested in your service in the same locale as your company.

To get your Facebook Ads set up, you need a business Facebook page to showcase your services, a landing page with more details on what they will get, and an email marketing platform to get them on your list. The idea of the advert is to create a compelling offer. An offer that your customers click on, which will then direct any traffic to your landing page, wherein you can get your visitors to leave their name and email address for future contact.

The level of targeting on Facebook is like no other online marketing avenue.


We offer a stand alone or complete marketing solutions for your microblading business regardless if you are a one person company or if you are microblading school. Our team is able to provide microblading marketing services to artist in English, Spanish, and Portuguese all across the US and world.


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