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Did you know Facebook has2.45 Billion monthly users?

Get More Clients With Facebook Ads

Whether you are a beauty professional or a beauty enthusiast, most likely you are aware that microblading is growing in popularity. People have experienced and witnessed the benefits of having this cosmetic treatment. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the number of estheticians and cosmetologists who are including this semi-permanent eyebrow treatment into their service menu is rising every single day. This makes the competition in the field even stronger, making it a bit harder to beat the competitors and catch the attention of prospective clients. The good news is that there are some proven ways how to attract more potential customers and build up your microblading clientele effectively. One of them is Facebook Ads which a marketing tool that helps millions of businesses reach new clients online. This is primarily because Facebook has almost 2 billion active users every day and most of them spend at least 40 minutes daily. As such, it can give you a great opportunity to tell a lot of people about your microblading business.

How Your Microblading Business Can Benefit From Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads work in a way that the level of targeting provides is like no other online marketing platform. It gives you the ability to specifically target the group of people that you want to reach with your microblading service at a competitive price. It is an ideal online marketing tool for a small business that lacks a huge amount of money for marketing and advertising purposes. Thanks for Facebook being the favorite social media channel that everybody loves to use. It has more data on the interests, activities, demographics, location, and even the shopping behavior of users than any website out there, including Google itself. The amazing targeting options that Facebook offers to ads managers allows finding any kind of audience online possible, no matter how specific the target group is. Microblading Marketing

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Using Facebook Ads is quite a straightforward process but you will need to use the Facebook Ads Manager to customize your target audience. Based on what are the keywords of your microblading business and its location, Facebook will do the work for you. It will only target the group of people who are more likely to be interested in your microblading service in the same locality as your business based on what you inputted. You can achieve all of these things by setting up your Facebook Ads. To do that you need a business Facebook page to display your microblading service. It will serve as a landing page with more detailed information about your business on what your prospects will get, plus an email marketing program that will get your targeted clients on your contact list. The ultimate idea behind Facebook advertising program is to create a compelling offer that your potential customers can click on, directing any traffic to your landing page where you can get them to input their email addresses for you to contact in the next days. What all these give you, in the end, is the extra power to reach a wider, more targeted audience and turn their clicks into high-quality leads, and eventually your happy microblading clients. But of course, with great power comes great responsibility and it means getting the most out of Facebook Ads campaign requires great expertise as well. This is why microblading Facebook ads management is what you need to reap all the benefits that this powerful online marketing tool provides.

What You Can Expect From Professional Facebook Ads Management

Professional Facebook Ads management service helps you build, design, manage, and optimize your paid social account for your microblading business, enabling you to use effective social advertising campaigns without the need to have an expert manager in-house. The best Facebook Ads management will help you get a high return on your investment while making your life so much easier with the professional’s top-level performance, quality support, competitive pricing, and even more marketing services at your disposal.

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Why Choose Microblading Marketing For Your Facebook Ads Manager?

As Facebook Ads has been growing, its complexity also increases. The platform has been developing so rapidly that frequent changes are happening. Keeping up with the new features every time is already a job in itself. So, to make the most of the various features of the advertising program such as advanced interest targeting, custom audiences, and conversion optimization, you need to become an expert Facebook Ads manager or find someone who can do the job.

We take care of setting up and optimizing your microblading campaign. We have the expertise in designing all the Ads campaigns and graphics, installing the pixels, splitting-test your audiences, as well as keeping an eye on the ever-important analytics as your campaign progresses. As the Ads continues to update, we will also constantly and consistently refine and perform necessary improvement to your campaign’s efficiency.

All these give you the freedom to get on with your microblading service to the leads that our management generates. This becomes possible with all our professional expertise in every aspect of managing Facebook Ads, including the following. Creating the Ads that work Facebook Ads was created using both art and science. Google Ads gives users four lines of text to work with. On the other hand, Facebook Ads gives you or the manager headlines, button text, ad copy, link title, and description, as well as the ad type and design.

If you find all these quite overwhelming, don’t worry because we handle all of them for you. We will even use different versions of each ad campaign to have variations for each of them so that we can determine which one's are the best in giving you quality leads and conversions.

Measuring and Tracking Ads

Just like other online advertising programs, there’s no single Facebook Ads campaign that will be profitable endlessly unless it’s well-monitored and managed otherwise. Your campaign has to be rigorously tweaked and constantly tracked to prevent issues and failures such as offer fatigue, Ad blindness, and audience saturation. We don’t believe in set-and-forget ads that decrease inefficiency in the long run.

So, we do away with all the underperforming microblading audience segments while increasing your campaign performance as time goes on. Scaling-up your Ads and your microblading business When you have reached the most profitable cost per acquisition, we can now scale up the campaign for your microblading business. However, scaling up also requires the right way so that the metrics we have built so hard over time will not be put into vain.

It means the scaling of your ads has to be properly and professionally managed just like everything else with the Facebook Ads. So, it’s quite clear that Facebook Ads Management for your microblading business will give you greater value for every dollar you invest in this online advertising program. And the best part of all is that trusting us to be your professional Facebook Ads Manager will bring you the results you want in building and growing your microblading clientele, giving you the highest income possible in providing the treatment.


We offer a stand alone or complete marketing solutions for your microblading business regardless if you are a one person company or if you are microblading school. Our team is able to provide microblading marketing services to artist in English, Spanish, and Portuguese all across the US and world.


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